Back when I was just a pup,  I made a decision to spend my most mobile years being very mobile.    From years 16 through 56, I traveled all around the world — covering all seven continents (including Antartica) and as many unusual cultures as I could find.    Australia, Costa Rica and Brazil captured my heart and I’ve visited them numerous times, but many other countries made a lasting impact as well…..including our own USofA.    Over my 40 years of travel, I’ve accumulated far too many pictures to post on this website.   But some of my more recent pictures are posted on my Google Plus site.

My “walkabout” to southern Australia spurred by a search for perfection.   It was a remarkable month-long journey, summarized in a 10-minute video.


Our recent trip to Costa Rica is captured in the 2015 video of the same name:

And an earlier trip to Australia is detailed in this 8-minute video:

And if you’ve not seen the Huntington Gardens in Pasadeno/San Marino, check out this short primer:

More videos will be forthcoming in 2016. Other countries to which I’ve traveled includes most every country in South America except for Paraguay, Columbia and Venazuela.   Most all of Europe,  a select number of Asian stops  (Singapore, Bali),  a few Caribbean islands  (a bit two placcid for my tastes),  every state in the U.S.A. including a number of trips to Alaska back when I could handle the cold,  one stop in North Africa just to say that I made it to Africa.     My pacific nature precluded any trips to the Middle East, Russia or China.

If you don’t have the time to travel, then you’ve got to get “The Tripulator”. It’s the next best thing……details here:

For those of you who don’t tolerate the rigors of adventure travel….well, I sympathize. Check out this video:

I am in the process of cataloging many of my experiences but one of my most memorable are captured in this story……of course, it is made more memorable by the fact that it never happened.   I call it: DYING TO TRAVEL.   It’s a fast, but disturbing, read.