After some three decades of being on the Internet in various projects and pursuits,  it isn’t hard to find me with a search engine, but it isn’t easy to find out what I’ve been actually DOING!  Some 2012-2013 articles were printed by the UTSanDiego which were derogatory and, ultimately, proven to be inaccurate. (although I am perversely proud of joining the list of really accomplished folk who have been targeted by this alleged newspaper)  On August 29, 2015 a jury in San Diego Superior Court found that UCAN’s claims were unfounded and ruled that the five causes of actions I brought against UCAN were valid.  I was awarded all of the unpaid incentive bonuses that had accrued.   Each and every allegation claimed by UCAN and published by two San Diego media outlets  (San Diego Union-Tribune and San Diego Reader) have been debunked.  In the meantime, here are some useful and current links that show some of the things that I’m currently doing and have done in the recent past:

San Diego Consumers’ Action Network –  where I’m still advocating on behalf of and with San Diego consumers.   Contains over 300 recent articles about consumer issues and advice.

Shames’ Splash Stories –   where you will find over 100 short “splash” stories in written, audio and video formats.   It’s a hoot!   And if you want to see more videos, check out the Shames’ Splash Stories channel at You Tube as well as the more extensive set of videos available on Splash Stories’ Vimeo channel.

Lila’s Place –  An online resource for caregivers and seniors.  Geared towards helping to find essential but hard-to-find services that cater to seniors.

Environmental Champions Legacy Foundation –   I set up this private non-profit foundation for preservation of sensitive habitat.  Since 2008, it has invested in Australia, Costa Rica and even funded work done in San Diego to combat climate change.

Other writings –  My one-act plays have been performed in a number of different venues including Scripteasers, Diversionary Theatre Wordplay, Strawberry Play Festival and others.

Rejection of SDG&E anti-solar charge –  regulators accept my arguments about SDG&E’s proposed network usage fee.

Public Utility Fortnightly interview –  a 2007 interview about the future of the electric utility business

USD Magazine interview –  a 2005 in-depth article about me.

San Diego Union Tribune article  – back in 2005 when the Union Tribune was still a journalistic enterprise and not the UTSanDiego ‘National Enquirer’,   energy reporter Craig Rose profiled me.

For other links relating to my current activities, check out:

For more of my writings check out the following websites: