Since 2003,  I’ve been busy writing non-fiction and fiction books, along with a play and far too many bad poems to mention. Most of my writings can be found either at Shames’ Splash Stories or at some on-line books stores that sell the books I wrote while at UCAN.  There are three published  non-fiction consumer guides:

In 2014, my one-act play Lunch was performed in both New York City and San Diego. A one-act short comedy about a man who confronts himself at a jewelry store.

That was followed in 2015 with the production of Laugh Stories at San Diego’s 10th Ave. Arts Center.

Plans are in the works for another Laugh Stories production in 2016.   In the meantime, you can catch many SplashStories at the Shames’ Splash Stories website where you will find over 100 short “splash” stories in written, audio and video formats.   It’s a hoot! You can get a sampling of these videos with a visit to YouTube at our SplashStories channel.

But at this site, and currently only at this site,  I’ve published some  short stories that I’ve written over the years but have never quite made it into a published book .   Most are fictional —  a few are essays.   Be glad that I didn’t include my poetry!

COMPASSION –   Two doctors struggle to save the life of a notorious patient.

THE LOVE YOU MAKE –   A word collage of Beatles songs about Love.

THE WORLD’S SMARTEST MAN  – A reporter’s life is changed by an interview with the World’s Smartest Man.

ALL OF THE ANSWERS –  All of the world’s top minds are puzzled by the quest for a perfect gift

FINISH THIS GAME –  A  baseball pitcher wrestles with self-doubts as he pitches a perfect game.

WITTICISMS –  Lastly, here are keen and witty observations that I’ve collected over the years and supplemented with some from my own writings.   Most of them I wish I’d written!

For more of my writings check out the following websites:   (consumer blog)

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